Video Marketing Campaign for Construction Innovation

“If a picture paints a thousand words, then a video paints a million.” I’m not sure who said this but I couldn’t agree more!

I’ve been working with global construction company, COINS, for a number of years and particularly enjoy leading the marketing effort for the COINS Grand Challenge, which is an open competition to boost construction innovation.

Video marketing has played a very important part in the ‘call for entries’ marketing campaign for this year’s challenge.

This includes the commissioning of a new promotional video, developed with subtitles for both US and Uk audiences, which aims to provide an inspirational message calling for people to submit their ideas. The video combines stock video along with content filmed at previous awards as well as footage sourced from shortlisted entrants.

I also commissioned a series of ‘social shorts’, much shorter clips from this, intended for use in social media campaigns.

I was lucky enough to meet the shortlisted entrants and judges for the 2019 COINS Grand Challenge last year, in rainy Salford, where we captured footage to use in the 2020 Call for entries campaign.

This included an interview with the Open Competition winner, UK based Michael Evans, CEO of Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd, whose climate-saving CO2LOC technology aims to reduce the embedded carbon in construction projects.

With entries now closed for the 2020 COINS Grand Challenge I am looking forward to finding out more about the 12 shortlisted ideas!

Thanks and credit to Steve at Insight Video Marketing and Jake at Freebird who have worked with me on these!

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