Piotr Jajszczyk – master jeweller at Ogden of Harrogate

I am a firm believer in buying local and supporting family businesses and it’s always a pleasure to be able to work with one!

Ogden of Harrogate are particularly special, renowned experts in fine jewellery they still occupy their original building in James Street, Harrogate where they have been creating exceptional jewellery for customers  – ranging from Yorkshire farmers and brides to be, to historic figures such as Winston Churchill, the Roosevelts, King George VI and Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (later known as the Duchess of Kent) – for over 125 years.

One very important team member is their in-house master jewellery, Piotr Jajszczyk, who has been working with them for over seven years and spends his days designing, making and repairing luxury jewellery using precious metals, large precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies and semi-precious stones.  An expert in his field he is accomplished at working on a range of pieces, from antique tiaras and grand heirloom pieces to modern jewellery and watches – and as he says: “I’m just out to create perfection, whatever I’m working on and whoever it’s for.”

I was so pleased that Yorkshire Life magazine selected Piotr for their ‘My Workspace’ feature in the December issue, and think the article is well worth a read – for me it’s a great way to end the year on a PR high!

The full article can be read here https://www.yorkshirelife.co.uk/people/piotr-jajszczy-ogden-of-harrogate-1-5778878

Ogden of Harrogate https://www.ogdenharrogate.co.uk/

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