Arty Interior

York photographer, Simon Palmour,  has an amazing home which features in this month’s York Living Magazine. His home was designed by Ron Sims,  a York architect, best known for his work on ecclesiastical buildings, including the modern interior at Heslington Church near the University of York.“The house is full of pretty modern ideas for 1965,” says Simon, “Sims was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright.”


Fifty years ago, the house must have caused a bit of a stir. Its open-plan living space and varying ceiling heights, not to mention the exposed stone and wood-panelling interior, would have set it apart from other homes at the time. There are strips of copper panels on the fireplace wall, which don’t look out of place now, but might have turned heads in the mid-’60s.

Simon will be exhibiting in York Open Studios on April 21, 22, 23 and April 29,30. His home is listed as Venue 34: 60 Hob Moor Drive, York, YO24 4JZ (the house in the street) Find out more at

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